8 hours online*

*Duration depends on each participant.


Course to acquire vital techniques in first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). This course is for people who wish to acquire knowledge in order to be able to intervene in emergency situations at home. The courses meet provincial and territorial legislative requirements for workplace safety and insurance. They present the latest guidelines and techniques for first aid and CPR.

Course Content

The Red Cross
Preparing to act
The Emergency Medical Services System
Check, Call, Rescue
Respiratory emergencies
Respiratory and circulatory emergencies
First aid in case of respiratory and cardiac arrest
Wound care
Head, neck and spine injuries
Injuries to bones, muscles and joints
Sudden medical emergencies
Environmentally related diseases

As training partners of the Canadian Red Cross, we are pleased to offer comprehensive online courses on occupational health and safety.

Benefits of e-learning

  • Ease of access
    Autonomy: the possibility of interrupting a session and resuming it later at the place where it was left.
  • Information assimilation: The visual format of the courses uses a variety of interactive learning activities, review questions and audio recordings to keep participants engaged.
  • Affordable: You can get as many courses as you want, according to your needs.
  • Flexibility: courses are accessible at all times.


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